A six month project to share experience between UK and Ukrainian parliamentarians on the role of the political opposition in government. Analysis of the role of the Shadow Cabinet, policy development, party organisation, institutional development of parliament and the role of the media. Events included a series of focussed and cross-party meetings in UK and Ukraine between Ukraine opposition figures and senior UK parliamentarians. The results were published as a guide for deputies to opposition functions and recommendations for future development of the Verkhovna Rada.


Three-year project linking parliamentary committees and parliamentarians in UK and Russian parliaments. Improvement of legislation, legislative scrutiny and parliamentary processes, including links to non-parliamentary organisations. Analysis, conferences, regional events and exchanges across UK and Russia.

Kazakhstan - Kyrgyz Republic - Tajikistan

One year project developing inter-parliamentary links and events bringing together UK and Central Asian parliamentarians, public bodies and local organisations, particularly on themes of public finance and accountability. (In the past BEWC was also the first UK organisation to receive a delegation from both houses of the Kyrgyzstan parliament).


With the overall aim of improving access to information on the work of Members of the Georgian Parliament, BEWC is implementing a one year project to develop a one stop internet resource of information om parliamentary activity. Working in cooperation with the Parliament and local and international NGOs, automatic search and update technologies are used to link together voting records, debates, international projects and constituency work.