The nature and purpose of membership has changed to reflect our history and development.

In 2001 the membership decided by democratic ballot to end BEWC's direct involvement in providing an annual membership programme. BEWC assisted in the creation of the GB-Russia Society, a wholly separate voluntary body that seeks to cater for those wishing to participate in lecture programmes and other regionally-related events.

BEWC Members were renamed Associates and continue to receive from BEWC an e-mail information service and electronic newsletter.

Our Associates are people with an active interest in the region who wish to receive occasional information by email regarding publications, events or news about the countries in which we work. We gather or receive this information from third parties and forward it to Associates free of charge.

The e-mail addresses of Associates are held in a confidential e-mailing list at our UK office. New Associates join by sending us an e-mail explaining their interest in the region, and preferably attaching a CV. If accepted as an Associate, their e-mail address is added to the mailing list.

If you would like to become an Associate, please contact us by e-mail entitling your message 'Associate Enquiry'.

If you would like to send information to those on the BEWC Associate e-mailing list, please send us - as an e-mail attachment - the item you wish to disseminate along with details of whom we should contact at your organisation. Please entitle your message 'Associate Mail'. A modest charge is generally made for this service.