Election Monitoring

Application Procedure

Please first read the Frequently Asked Questions and notes below about Conflicts of Interest. Please do not send applications except when they are requested for a specific election observation mission.

When BEWC posts details of an election monitoring mission, for which applications are open, on the current missions page of this website, then please follow the application procedure set out for that mission on that page. We will usually ask applicants to supply a copy of their CV by email. There is no standard format for a CV, however please make clear as a minimum:

You will usually also be asked for a short covering note stating why you are interested in the particular election monitoring mission in question.

As OSCE / ODIHR is committed to achieving a better gender balance in its activities, qualified female candidates are particularly encouraged to apply.

Please send the document in Word (.doc) or Rich Text (.rtf) format ONLY. Please DO NOT send other types of document such as HTML or PDF. Thank you.

Conflicts of Interest

Election monitors must not only be, but also be seen to be, entirely objective. In particular they must have no potential conflicts of interest in relation to their work for BEWC in the country concerned. This issue is, understandably, subject to ever-increasing scrutiny by stakeholders.

We require ALL candidate monitors to let us know in writing at the time of each application of anything which might be considered, or be presented by others, as a conflict of interest.

We can then make enquiries and give a response on whether a candidate can be considered for a mission. Failure to inform us of possible conflicts may result (if discovered pre-departure) in cancellation of individual assignments or (if emerging later) compromise the mission as a whole. This not only reduces the effectiveness and credibility of monitoring but will also require us to seek cost recovery for flights, visas etc from the party not declaring the information.

Please therefore take this issue into account and, if in doubt, declare any possible conflict that might need to be cleared (for example, business, investment, political, representational, or professional interests and activities with the country concerned or elsewhere if relevant).

Many thanks for your understanding and co-operation in this matter.

Application deadlines

Recruitment is finalised when deployment dates are confirmed by ODIHR. For LTOs, this is generally about two months before election day. For STOs, this is generally about one month before election day. Please note however, that there are no preset deadlines for LTO and STO applications. The current application status is always available on this web page and we advise early application to be sure of consideration.

Contacts and other information

Please address all questions about monitoring and upcoming missions to elections@bewc.org.

Please note that we accept applications by email only.

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