About BEWC

Welcome to BEWC

We are the longest established UK non-government organisation dedicated to working with Russia and the countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). [history]

Our main office is in London and we work with affiliates across the region.

Our mission

To provide information, training, consultancy and other services that support positive processes of sustainable social, political and economic development in the CIS.

To assist the development of CIS policies, systems of governance and civil society that enable and address the democratic choices of all citizens in balance with the voice, rights and needs of the poor, vulnerable groups and minorities.

Our partners

BEWC works across the region with Governments, Public Sector bodies, Civil Society Organisations and Businesses. We seek wherever appropriate to bring these sectors into constructive dialogue.

We are always seeking new partners and we welcome contact from CIS and other potential project partners. [contact us]

BEWC has a unique and consistent heritage of support to reform, democracy and social justice in the CIS region. This enables us to draw on long established expertise, contacts and specialist knowledge. We are also constantly learning from new experiences and our widespread project activities.